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As we already mentioned before, we have been carrying out business activities on the following planes of production:

Locksmith’s Workshop

The locksmith’s workshop is engaged in creating goods of stainless and black steel (e.g. furniture legs, metal stairs and feet as well as chair and table frames). On the other hand, goods made of carbon steel can be manufactured with galvanized or powder-coated areas. We always use materials of the highest quality for these purposes.

We encourage you to become familiar with our offer where elements which are the most often made in our plant are presented:

  • Mig-Mag, Tig Welding
  • Milling,
  • Drilling,
  • Tube bending,
  • Extrusion on presses,
  • Cutting on band-saws,
  • Cutting on a guillotine,
  • Grinding with a centreless grinder,
  • Turning of elements.

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Electroplating Workshop

The electroplating workshop is in turn making covers with the galvanisation method, or permanently adhering thin metallic coatings owing to depositing one metal on the other.

The following electroplating processes are carried out in our plant:

  • Nickel plating – covering metal products (most often steel ones) with a layer of nickel. This process makes that the nickel-treated elements are more resistant to corrosion, they form a decorative element and are the base for other galvanic coatings.
  • Grinding – finishing treatment of a surface with the abrasive tools. This solution makes it possible to obtain more precise dimensions, shapes and small roughness of the elements ground.